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Contentio was founded in Norway by it`s current CEO, Kristian Osestad. Since 2013 we have been providing businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes with our full range of digital services such as development and marketing. Kristian`s concept has resulted in a powerful tool to provide businesses with a streamlined, simple overview of their digital channels. Along with Ørnulf Hasla, Kristian realised the right place for his business was Setesdal, Norway and began developing. In the fall 2014, Marius was hired as a digital consultant, and in 2015 three more additions were made to the team with Espen, Morten and Elisabeth.

In 2016, through a collaboration with ELAB Ventures and Becama Holdings, Contentio has become a multi-national brand, opening a brand new office in the United Kingdom, led by Kent Vorland. For more information, please feel free to give us a call and we`ll answer any enquiries you may have.

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