Contentio goes international! 

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Contentio goes international! 

Our company, established by Kristian Osestad in the Norwegian countryside, has since 2013 experienced high-paced growth along with constantly improving software, and is ready to take the next steps. Thus, we are excited to announce our expansion to the United Kingdom and London, nevertheless, where Kent Vorland will be managing the branch towards further success, along with our current experts in Norway.

                As time seems to fast-forward into the future with technology and digital platforms growing faster than ever before, also growing is the demand for someone to provide and manage all these platforms. London has been well-known in the later years to stand out as an exceptional city for technological innovation and growth, with countless entrepreneurs and brilliant individuals making creating presence. Some say London is the tech-capital of Europe, where others take it as far as to say it may be taking over as capital of the world. 

                Our team here at Contentio is thrilled to be able to seize this opportunity for further growth in England`s capital, and will be working hard in the upcoming months to make sure our company creates a strong foundation and gains traction as it moves forward. Who knows how long it will be until the next country sees its digital needs being serviced by Contentio! 


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